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Indy Collective is a mama owned and operated small business, that started from a home office and one woman's drive to show her daughter and others that your dreams are ALWAYS attainable. Despite how many roadblocks or inconveniences life tries to throw in your way. We are a brand built on resilience and faith working to produce embroidered  items that instill beauty and strength back into a world that sometimes feels a little heavy. We create custom embroidered pieces that we hope encourage our customers to feel confident, accomplished, driven, and motivated to peruse those dreams that may feel out of reach. Our goal is to spread courage and kindness, one embroidered item at a time. 

All of our garments here at Indy Collective are custom embroidered using a commercial grade machine, thread, and quality garments. Indy Collective's strongest motivation is ensuring our customers they are receiving a top-tier, custom product that exceeds their expectations. We believe that durable, fashion forward clothing should be attainable by all. Therefore, we strive to bring you custom tailored designs created with high quality materials to ensure both durability and comfort.

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