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  • The Yosemite Stretchline Pullover is an essential to any athlesiure wardrobe. A straight line silhouette with cuffed sleeves and a bottom cinched hem create a more flattering appearance then the everyday sweatshirt. Deep side pockets allow for both style and function to coexist to help double up your productivity. Side paneling add a subtle yet impactful detail elevating the overall style effect of the Yosemite Stretchline Pullover. The dusty gray and blue thunder color radiate a calm and cool look making this sweatshirt perfect for cozy nights in, or a casual dinner date out. 

    Yosemite Stretchline Pullover

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    • Indy Collective's strongest motivation is ensuring our customers they are receiving a top-tier, custom product that sustainably exceeds their expectations. We believe that durable, fashion forward clothing should be attainable by all. Therefore, we strive to bring you custom tailored designs created with high quality materials to ensure both sustainability and comfort.

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